Understanding the wind [video]

Today, when production tax credit’s (PTC) phaseout for American wind industry became inevitable, the main problem is when exactly this termination starts and how gradual will be. Rob Gramlich, AWEA's senior vice president for government affairs and public affairs, said to Bloomberg wind industry doesn’t need PTC forever, “but simply letting it fall off a cliff doesn't get us any closer to the end.” The industry is working with the Congress to craft a reasonable policy, he said.

Chances are plummeting oil prices and a bankruptcy threat to some shale projects can prompt Congress to keep the incentives in place for a year or two. PTC, that is based on generation of wind energy, not just installed capacity, helped the U.S. become the global leader in wind energy production. While China, the closest competitor, has 50% more installed wind energy capacity, American wind industry delivers 20% more electricity to the grid, the American Wind Energy Association reported. The next few months will show if the U.S. see the value in this achievement and basically "understand the wind".